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Our typical customers are medium to large sized contract cleaning companies, events venues, hotels and office blocks, for whom we know we can make a real difference. They rely on us to get the right products to them at the right time, solve difficult problems, and save them money.

Case study – Event contractor

We are preferred supplier to a major event and contract cleaner. Their General Manager said of us:

“We have built a strong working relationship with The Supplies House and it is fair to say that they operate much more efficiently than other distributors.

Some of the key areas where they are different and more efficient have been highlighted on new contract start-ups. One such example occurred recently when they had some of their staff on site to help with the initial transition phase, especially focusing on training new staff on COSHH and product application. They were also able to resolve issues that arose and suggest other chemical applications that were more efficient and suitable.

Another area in which they were able to assist was to research and find different cleaning products from many manufactures for a new type of floor with very high footfall. They got several manufacturers in to test and demonstrate the different products, keeping in mind the cost factor, which plays a significant part in this industry. As a result we have been able to identify the right product with good results, and more importantly, client satisfaction. This in turn has saved us a great deal of time.

The Supplies House also keeps us fully abreast of the latest innovations and new cleaning products that come on to the market. They are also more than happy to arrange demonstrations, which in turn keep us ahead of our competitors and highlights to our clients that we are always looking for new ways to move forward.

The Supplies House are a great company to partner with and are always looking to be competitive on their pricing, which in turn allows us to be more competitive with our clients. They are always very flexible and have a “can-do” culture and no request is too big or too small.”

Case study – Office cleaning

A director of one of the largest office cleaning contractors said:

“We had been using two suppliers for a long time, one very large one who were originally the cheapest for products, and Supplies House for their excellent service.

However, when Supplies House introduced their online ordering and management service, we were able to make many tens of thousands of pounds worth of efficiency savings – far more than we could ever save by trimming a few pence here and there off each bottle of chemicals, or each paper product. This makes them very competitive.

In addition to the exceptional service and being very cost competitive overall, they are also happy to go the extra mile to help us and our customers. For example, one of our customers wanted waste bins of a particular purple colour; The Supplies House rapidly sorted the problem.

I like their flexible way of doing business, such as working in partnership with us to find new customers, and continually developing the technology to make us more efficient. So, an excellent range of products, helping us keep our costs down, and superb service. As a result, they are now our main supplier.”

Case study – New Contract cleaners

“We are a relatively new company into the contract cleaning business. When we started, we looked at number of janitorial supplies companies. The Supplies House were very competitive in price, but added something more in the way they helped us address cleaning problems.

Now we are growing our business, we know we made the right decision when we selected The Supplies House. Their service is superb, and they go the extra mile to help us out. We get demanding clients who want problems sorted right now, and they have been excellent in helping us meet those needs.

This superb personal service is important to our business success, and whilst we occasionally might be able to find the odd paper product a few pence cheaper, this is minuscule compared to the cost if we got poor service.

We use their online ordering system which is customised for us. It makes it very efficient for us to run, and easy to check what has been used at each of the 20 plus sites we service. I really recommend them.”

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Being green in the cleaning world is not as straight-forward as some people would have you believe. We have a committed approach to green cleaning products. Read about the issues, our approach and how we select green suppliers.

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