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Jade’s Story of the London 2012 Games

Jade Pienaar is one of our key sales executives.  However as the time came closer he offered to become our man in running our event team on the ground at the main Games site. His role included ensuring that every cleaning location was stocked and re-ordered.  Obviously everything had to be done at night, so Jade changed into a night owl doing 20 consecutive overnights at the park.  A fabulous job.

Jade said afterwards.
“The Games for me was an opportunity of a life time and I am so grateful to have been involved in something so incredibly awesome.  The highlight of the Games was the Opening Ceremony as it was the reality that our years of planning and preparations were now to be tested and put into practice…..the show was pretty amazing too; in fact it was thrilling and spectacular.

Although we were really busy during the Games, I did get time to watch the 100m finals.  Although I did not get to see much else, the cheers from all of the arenas, the atmosphere around the park, the smile on all the people’s faces (fans and workers alike), was such a spectacle, and I feel very privileged to have experienced it all. This is what makes all the hard work and effort, the long hours and the fatigue all well worth it.  The good thing is that I have lost quite a bit of weight too…who needs a gym contract, just work at the Games!

The Games has also enabled me to meet a lot of new people, from all walks of life, and I have made some new friends along the way too.

My favourite venue was the Velodrome and although I did not get to watch any of the athletes compete there, I did get to watch some of the Paralympic athletes compete and it was fantastic.

Most importantly, the Games has brought The Supplies House closer together as a family unit, with all of us embracing the philosophy of one team one dream!  The amount of work we completed in such a small period of time, with relatively no problems was incredible.  A little job was thrown in the mix during this period, The Westfield Stratford shopping Centre start up, which was completed as routine for us.  It just goes to show that when you have a good team working for you, as we do, and you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything…the sky is the limit.  This is testament to the good work ethic instilled in all of us at The Supplies House and the great management team supporting all of us.

Although I am South African, I feel British!!!”

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