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Refuse Sacks for every venue

The London Organising Committee set the target of these being the greenest Games ever.  A key part of that was to collect and recycle as much waste as possible, and it was decided to provide a range of distinctive sacks to enable waste separation at source.

There was an exhaustive and in-depth tender process, with competition from global suppliers.  The Supplies House, with great help from our suppliers, Polaris plastics, were selected as sole supplier.

After much discussion 5 different coloured bags were selected.

3 different sizes of bright orange compostable sacks (to EN 13432) were used to collect all compostable waste such as food remains.  These were easily pulled out of the overall refuse and sent to an industrial composting site.

All the other 4 sacks were made from 100% recycled materials in bright colours to help people easily separate waste types.

Over 50 different customers
We thought we would be supplying direct to the organisers – wrong!

We had to then work with the over 50 companies who were involved; from BMW and McDonalds to the catering companies – each with their own ordering systems and delivery locations.

We had to deliver to all the Games venues around the country as well as the support venues like the athletes’ village and the support sites.

All the customers estimated their requirements- many from how many they used at the Beijing Games.  Almost all were caught out by the incredible visitor numbers and needed more.  For example McDonalds used all the sacks they had ordered, which they thought would be enough for the entire period, in just 5 days.

Polaris stepped into the breach and manufactured over 1 million sacks in 5 days!

Eventually over 4.2 million sacks were supplied, of which over 786,000 were of the compostable variety.  As a result, it is believed that more compostable sacks were used in the few short weeks of the games than have been used by the whole of the UK in the last year.

We have lots more to say about refuse sacks – talk to us if you would like to know more.

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