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 New Exclusive Room Fragrance for Hotels

Spring Air hotel room fragrance

We have worked with Spring Air to develop an exclusive “single spray” long lingering fragrance range for use primarily in hotel room cleaning.

The aim is for a hotel guest to experience a refreshing, positive and “clean” fragrance when entering a room.

Key features:

  • The spray can be applied during normal or deep cleaning of a room.
  • Long lingering fragrance technology provides over 12 hours of fresh scent from a single spray
  • Available in 3 refreshing fragrances:
    • Cotton
    • Soft
    • Sensitive Touch
  • Around 100 refreshing room sprays per bottle
  • Fabric-safe
  • No need for the installation of dispensing systems and the use of expensive batteries.

A case of 20 x 500ml trigger sprays provides a unique solution for hotel room cleaning and refreshing.

Contact customer service now for a free sample and pricing.

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Green House

Being green in the cleaning world is not as straight-forward as some people would have you believe. We have a committed approach to green cleaning products. Read about the issues, our approach and how we select green suppliers.

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