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Product information is available on:

EFIVE Brochure

The EFIVE range of professional cleaning products

Paper disposable products

Company Brochure

Company Brochure

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COSHH data sheets

COSHH data sheet information is available for all relevant products that we supply.

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Cleaning Support Services

Personal service

Our customer account teams can advise on the best and most effective modern methods for your cleaning challenges. They include technical specialists available to help our customers (and their customers) through cleaning challenges

Ordering and Reporting

Our integrated ordering and supplies management system enables customers to order online, track which locations are over or under ordering, and accurately manage their account. Several customers have stated that this has made them more efficient and saved the costs of admin staff.

Cleaning experts to help your business

Our cleaning experts are there for all our customers. Their key roles are:

  • To help with specialist cleaning problems – such as cleaning new surfaces
  • To help our clients become more effective rationalising the number of cleaning products used – lowering stock and usage costs
  • To advise on the latest cleaning methods such a new products, or the introduction of cost effective green methods.
  • To help our clients win more business

Problem solving

Our expert teams are regularly called on to help solves cleaning problems, such as unusual materials being used for shopping centres floors which cannot be cleaned conventionally.

Dispenser loan and fitting

Dispensers for many of our consumable products are available on loan. Fitting and training of their use can be arranged for customers.

Health and Safety Training

We can provide product and safety training from standard COSHH requirements through to specialist tasks such as the best floor care methods. We use our own experienced trainers, or those from our suppliers.

Note that we do not provide risk assessments.

COSHH data sheets

The COSHH data sheets are sometimes called DSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheets). They are available through the search facility, the list, or via a link from the product in the catalogue.


Our nationwide distribution teams are there to your products to the right places at the right times. This often includes specials services for unusual or different events like opening of shopping centres and hotels, special sports event, or rapid response cleaning problems.

Event service

Our events experience includes providing supplies for concert venues,  sports stadiums and larger sports venues such as Racecourses and Motro Racing Tracks and Festivals. We often work in partnership with other contractors at these events, for whom we are their preferred supplier. We know how to manage the “peaks and troughs” demand that such events generate, and how to plan to minimise unexpected events and how to manage them when they happen.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how our specialist cleaning services and advice can help make your contract cleaning business more successful.

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Our Green Approach

Green House

Being green in the cleaning world is not as straight-forward as some people would have you believe. We have a committed approach to green cleaning products. Read about the issues, our approach and how we select green suppliers.

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